Be Sure And Remind People Of Your Most Important Date

Save The Date is a notice stating the date of a significant event such as a wedding.  It is typically sent to those likley to be interested or affected by the event and states the planned date of the occasion so that recipients who wish to attend know to keep that date free.  Usually a card, they are generally sent out at least six to twelve months before the date of the occasion, and then followed by a formal invitiation.  We generally print on card stock and can print 4 to a page (4x5), 2 to a page (5x7), 2 to a page (4x9) or 3 to a page (3x6).  These are postcard type and printed on one side.  We can also create flip cards which will print 2 to a page (4x5) 1 to a page (5x7).  We would love to help make that important date special for you.