We can enlarge your digital images to the size you want (providing the resolution is good enough).  We can also scan hardcopies and blow them up to the size that you need (providing you have copy rights).  Anything up to 44 inches wide.



We can scan hardcopies and 35 mm negatives.  Hang on to your memories, let us scan your 35mm negatives and put them on a cd or make a slide show you can view on TV.  Hardcopies and negatives fade and pretty soon you have lost all your memories, let us preserve them for you. 


Video Slide Show:

Let us put your images in a slide show with music.  Good for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Re-unions, there are no limits.  Makes a wonderful gift.



Photo manipulation to enhance or correct an image.  This can be simple or complex depending on your needs.  It can be as simple as color balance or contrast, or overlaying a head onto a different body or changing a sign's text.  We can get rid of glass glares, blemishes, take a person out of a picture or add a person in a photo.  Put a different background or change color to your photo.  Depending on difficulty of manipulation will depend on cost of project.



We can restore your old stained, scratched, water damaged, moldy, faded or torn photos and make them like new.  We can scan your old photos and restore them by tetouching and enhancing them to preserve your special memories.  We can colorize black and white images.  We will handle your old photos with the upmost care, depending on how complex the restoration will depen on cost.



Minor cosmetics such as glass glares, blemishes, sores, and tattoos can be removed at little cost.